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Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint is known in the railroad community as the "Funnel," this is because Sandpoint is at the convergence of the former Great Northern and Northern Pacific mainlines from Northern and Central Montana, which merged into the Burlington Northern system in 1970. The Union Pacific and Montana Rail Link also funnel through Sandpoint on their way across Idaho. In a 24 hour period there is an average of 50 trains passing through Sandpoint.

Sandpoint is a great place to photograph trains because of the variety of scenic backgrounds consisting of rivers, lakes, and mountains. Be on the look out for other railfanner, maybe you just might run into me.
A great location to railfan is the Amtrak depot in Sandpoint. Note the Norfolk Southern power in back of the BN power.
The Amtrak depot is the stem of the "funnel" from Sandpoint to Spokane. Right behind the first unit is a EMD demonstrator unit.
As this BN TOFC train approaches the engineer give a friendly toot on the air horn.
A Boeing 737-700 fuselage in transit from Wichita, Kansas to Renton, Washington. Also know as a BOFC (Boeing On a Flat Car).
In front of the BOFC was two BNSF Executive cars.
The cockpit of a Boeing 737 in transit to it's final assembly.
Looks like the Montana Rail Link covered hopper has seen it's fair share of graffiti.
A BN train passes by the LMX train after it came to a rest in the siding.
Montana Rail Link freight train on the mile long trestle across Lake Pend Oreille near Sandpoint, ID.
The engine behind the Montana Raillink SD45 is a New York, Susquehanna & Western SD-45.

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